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Wednesday, February 3, 2016



Brionny teaches Art at Hampshire Collegiate School near Romsey and has been teaching for about 20 years. She is also a fundraiser for the Joe Glover Children's charity.

Brionny reminded us that children start with a high visual literacy which gradually diminishes without sufficient stimulation and has to be re-invigorated in teenage years. This can mean developing first such things as eye-hand co-ordination which will build confidence and then go on to encourage creativity and self-expression.

Students often have pre-conceived ideas which can be used as a starting point to further work such as looking at the work of other artists and analysing their appeal and the methods which they used. This often involves looking at many kinds of 2D and 3D visual media and learning new techniques. 

 The Exam Board which is used is AQB and the syllabus is similar to other Boards for Art and Design.  During the course students produce a coursework book on all the research which they have done and ideas which they have developed from it. This prepares them for the final exam when they are expected to produce an art work within a limited time after researching and developing ideas. Brionny showed us this process with reference to one student's work book.

She then showed us some of the student's final works. We were very impressed by a biro drawing of "Ariel" from The Tempest, a textile portrait and an image of a tiger's eye produced using oil pastel, stitching and a burn tool. Another student had produced a textile based on images from European cities  and another had done an installation based on fashion ideas.

Finally she suggested we tried out a similar process or artistic journey ourselves to improve our own work.

This could be done by setting ourselves a project, researching other work on a similar theme and developing ideas from our research to produce a final work  possibly using a different medium to normal.

We thanked Brionny for a thought provoking evening which will probably affect our work in the future.

Brionny with her student,s work.Add caption

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