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Thursday, May 5, 2011


Hashim Akib put expression, passion and personality into his April demonstration painting using acrylics. There were two main stages in the artistic process.

Stage one consisted of broad strokes with one and a half or two inch decorator's brush loaded with more than one un-mixed colour. This is Hashim's favourite technique. The result was vibrant, abstract and chaotic, although he did include some structural marks for use in stage two.

Stage two used more 'normal' colours applied as short rectangular strokes with a one inch brush. He favoured white and lemon yellow in the lightest sections. Sometimes he painted the negative shapes around darkest areas. Muted subtle colours in some sections of the painting show off the stronger brighter colours.

When the painting was finished, it looked like a bright, abstract design until viewed from a distance. From farther back, a woodland landscape miraculously came to life in glowing colours, even though the artist had not needed to view it from a distance himself.

Hashim gave the audience valuable advice about developing a style and selling artwork.

  • Paint scenes which you find exciting.

  • Paint faster and express your own personality in the scene.

  • Paint shapes rather than details.

  • Let random marks and interesting colour combinations happen.

  • Do not limit yourself to realistic effects - bold colours sell better!

  • Be confident and believe your own hype!

Hashim aims to surprise the viewer with his painting and he certainly surprised and delighted us with his fabulous demonstration.

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