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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Summer Exhibition: the Inside Story

34 paintings were sold at the exhibition. It is a shame that we do not have the space to show all of the fantastic artwork in but congratulations to you all!

Karen, Glennis and Paula 'sitting in 'on Wednesday afternoon. The desk was re-located this year and it gave more room for everyone to move. Sales of the TAS greetings cards were good

Members snapped at the exhibition:

Roy Fisher with 3 of his seaside scenes.
Karen Frampton with her paintings A Corner of the Close Salisbury and Eling Tide Mill in Winter.
Paula Humphrey with Old Timer
 Bob Wellington with his Red Kite painting
Muriel Hiscott with her Promises of Summer butterfly painting.
Patricia Scammell with her picture of Cuddles.

Few people realise the amount of time and sheer hard work that is spent keping  the Summer exhibition running successfully by the following members of the committee:
Glennis Courtney - is the Treasurer and she sat in for many hours. She is also a s skilled salesperson! Here she is with her evocative painting of Jaccarandas.
Mary Maskell's efficient administration and commitment ensured a smooth operation. Here she is with two of her stunning marine paintings.
Claire Palmer was hard at work with enthusiasm. Here she is with her masterpeice Venice Before the Rush.
Chairman Anne Hamerton  our 'king-pin' - her feet barely touched the ground during the week. She introduced the society's first 'chip and pin' machine for the exhibtion and Bob assisted with its management online. Here she is with her painting of St. Ives.
Sue and Roy Fisher, Bob Hamerton and Mike Maskell seen here dismantling and packing away the display stands.

After the clearing-up on Saturday evening Anne produced the wine!

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