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Friday, November 30, 2012


Linda Butcher gave members a detailed demonstration of a portrait of a tiger in November using mostly pastel pencils.
Linda worked on her painting from left to right to avoid smudging it. The fur grows in similar directions on many tigers.  Linda  painted an Amur tiger (Siberian) which has a broader face. She lightly applied layers of colours overlaid with streaks of different colours flicked upwards to provide a furry texture.
The eye began as a dark grey shape and white centre. The coloured iris then appeared to have light shining through it. A brown shadow from the eyelid was applied very lightly on the upper part of the eye. Linda emphasised that the eye is a mirror so the highlight can be one of many different shapes. She aims to have the eyes follow the viewer wherever they might be.
Totton Art Scoiety's animal artists, notably Paula Humphrey, found the evening interesting. Linda not only uses a pastel paper support but also velour and Pastelmat (with a layer of cork).
Linda's work may be exhibited at the following venues:
  • Nightingale Gallery of the Royal Hampshire Hospital Winchester
  • The Discovery Centre Winchester
  • Fair Oak Art and Craft Society
  • Online at Linda's Art

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