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Thursday, May 16, 2013


Members who attended Roy Lang's Workshop on 14th May produced beautiful seascapes which follow the 'sublime' tradition. Sublime paintings became popular in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. They portray the power of nature and invoke heightened feelings in the viewer.

The subject was a dramatic marine scene with waves breaking over rocks. Roy has studied the sea intensively and he reproduces subtle lighting effects for example:
(1) light shining down onto water and wet rocks, (2) passing through waves and spray and even (3) light reflected from the sea bed. 
He demonstrates in oils, premixing the colours and using a variety of brushes and methods for applying the paint.
Those attending were: Caroline Beech, Glennis Courtney, Rosemary Cunliffe, Jill Gillespie, Anne Hamerton, Shirley Lester, Claire Palmer and John Shotter. Claire reported that she and everyone else thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.
Roy says that 'there's something magical about water'
and there's certainly something magical about his paintings.
Click on the links below for more about Roy's artwork.

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