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Monday, May 5, 2014



For details of some of the events look on the TOTTON AND ELING ARTS FESTIVAL website - - and click on "What's On" at the top of the page. The full programme should appear there shortly.

 Most of the events are free and because TAS  are contributing to the festival some of the artists are giving a reduced rate to our members e.g. the  ORIGAME WORKSHOP is FREE  and the WILLOW WEAVING  WORKSHOP  is reduced to £ 10  instead of £25.

 Book quickly to secure a place on any workshop or event by e- mailing .uk  

Possibly of special interest to TAS members are the following:

From 11th May
Art Exhibition at the Anchor Inn, Eling.

Friday 23rd May
Willow workshop
Courtlye music at Hounsdown Community Centre
Band night at theAnchor

Saturday 24th May
Family Street Arts Extravaganza - all day lots of art events and workshops, music, dancing etc.
Ukeleles and poetry at Eling Sailing Club

Sunday 25th May
Photography Exhibition.
Ceramics for kids,Origami, Textiles, Lino Printing, African Textile Printing among other things!

One Day Sale  = our contribution to the Arts Fest

Framed paintings, pictures unframed /mounted and in a cellophane sleeve and cards to be given in to the Palm Room at  9 to 9-30 am. Note that any pictures can be put in the sale but they won't be eligible for the Summer Exhibition.


Waterperry Garden ART IN ACTION trip July 19th £35 - more details below.

 Graham Oliver workshop will take place on June 21st as we have had enough members signing up for it to run. Thanks to Di for organising it.


Demonstration on Wednesday 28th April.

 This month we had a change to the advertised programme and welcomed back Helen Talbot who showed us how to work with mixed media.

 Her first painting was a Snowdonia mountain scene.
 Stage 1.
 Prepare the base.
Tear e.g.watercolour paper and tissue paper into basic mountain and rock shapes. Fix to the base (can be paper or board) by using gesso.
Stage 2.
Start to paint in the main colour areas using the brush and paint ( acrylic or watercolour) to create texture.
Score into the gesso with a stick or draw with pens and ink.
Stage 3.
Add final details using soft pastels, pencils or oil pastels as a resist. Inktense pencils are useful at this stage.

Helen with her Snowdon Picture

Second painting - a vase of tulips
This was based on a monoprinting technique.
The subject was drawn with inktense pencil.
Then wet e.g. cartridge paper was placed over the drawing and rubbed to produce a print.
The original could also be photocopied and the copies worked on using mixed media.

Helen's Vase of Tulips
Third  painting
Again using the vase of tulips.
Using soluble ink and bamboo or reed pens draw the picture.
Draw in shading then protect some areas with e.g. candle wax.
Finally spray with a coarse spray using a weak coffee solution.  

Helen carried out her demonstrations with great enthusiasm and humour. By the end of the evening we were all very impressed with her methods and eager to try them out!

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