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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

  A demonstration of "Brusho" by Maralyn Allis 

Maralyn (a former SAA Artist of the Year) explained that Brusho crystals were sugar sized and contained pigment. They expand in contact with water. The colours produced are very intense. The crystals are sprinkled on paper then either sprayed with water or water is added from a brush. She then did a demonstration painting of a music group.

First the clothes were wet then sprinkled with Brusho crystals of different colours and the colours then teased out with a brush. Some areas were left white or reserved with masking fluid. (If this is used make sure all the crystals are removed before removing the masking fluid). Details were put in using paint made from crystals and water or black ink using a bamboo pen. Some of the crystals were put into a sprayer and water added to produce ink. The main part of the picture was then covered with tissue paper and the background sprayed with different colours. After removing the tissue paper the result was a vibrant picture in brilliant colours.                                    

 Maralyn then went on to paint a "fairy" using colours such as shimmering turquoise and silver. Details were put in using black ink and highlights added using white iridescent acrylic paint.

The next subject was a group of cyclists. A sketch was done first and then areas painted in with registration paint which darkens with age.  She then blocked in the colours with a large mop brush using mainly primary colours and orange and purple. The background was a yellow wash with a sprinkling of  Brusho crystals. The result was a very striking picture.

The Brusho crystals give the brightness of acrylics with the transparency of watercolours. Maralyn had given us an excellent introduction to a new medium.  


Music Group


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