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Friday, March 3, 2017




Jackie usually paints from photographs she has taken herself. She recommended doing this as there is then no problem with copyright and suggested visiting places such as the New Forest Wildlife Centre and Marwell to get pictures of animals easily.

After trying various media she finally settled on pastels using polychromos pastels and pastel pencils on velour paper. To blend on this paper she uses a paper towel wrapped around a finger. The side of new pastels is cleaned off using a sandpaper block.

The animal she chose to paint was a cheetah cub. Jackie doesn't trace her image as it damages the velour paper. Starting with a brown pastel she draws in the eyes then the shadow areas using the side of the pastel and blends them into the paper. Brown and orange is pushed into the eyes and also blended in. White is used in the corner, outer edge and underneath the eye.   

To depict fur Jackie uses various brown pastels using grey and lilac in shadows e.g. inside the ear. The pastels are blended then wisps of hair or fur added using chalk to put in highlights. Pastel pencils or the edge of a hard pastel are used for greater detail such as the side of the nose or above the eye. Whiskers and eyebrows are drawn going in different directions. Background vegetation can be a problem but by using a variety of colours difficult subjects such as grasses can be dealt with. Finally a thin glaze is used to unify the painting and a light spray of fixative added.

Jackie suggested starting with our own pets first and then trying more difficult animals and with the Spring almost here there will be plenty of young animals on which to try out our painting skills! Thank you, Jackie for an inspiring evening.   

Halftime picture

Jackie and finished painting

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