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Thursday, April 20, 2017






Would you like to get more from your art? Whatever your experience - novice, improver or ‘old hand’ - this is for everyone. Come to the next meeting with pen and paper to take notes. The new T.A.S. Art Journey Project is designed to help develop your art over the next 12 months.  Here are some of our suggestions:

  • PRACTICE Each month you will practice something different. It is for you to decide the path of your own art journey.  We will make suggestions -  a  subject  and possibly a new technique as well. There are no rules about what you should do. The aim is to experiment without any pressure and see how you improve.

  • KEEP A RECORD For best results you need to keep a record of your art activity so that you can review your progress. Keep your sketches and work in a portfolio.  Write a diary or log or write on your calendar showing how long you spend each week. Take photographs and store them in one place.  

  • YOUR INTERESTS Think about your individual art interest e.g. your usual art style, favourite subject and preferred medium. You may decide to focus on improving one aspect or one of our demonstrations might encourage you to try something new.

  • IMAGINE What will your art look like this time next year? This determines the direction of your journey. You could draw a rough freehand sketch and put it at the front of your portfolio. You will probably change direction several times over the course of the year, but still make progress. Keep it up and we guarantee that you will amaze yourself! Once the project is under way we will produce guidelines.
  •  We would appreciate it if some members would be willing to give feedback to Di and Helen about their own experience during the previous few weeks.


Here is a copy of Di’s post to the TAS Facebook page on 18th April:

“Huge burst of creativity this afternoon when I started to experiment. I started my own 2027-18 Art Journey by rolling a light green on bright orange. Will paint something over it tomorrow. Then I wanted to do a figure with the face in shadow. Did that in pastel pencils. Finally I looked at some acrylic figures I'm painting and created lost edges with the sunlit highlights. I am now convinced that doing some random experiments stimulate our creative subconscious. Can't wait to launch the Art Journey project on 26th!”

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