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Sunday, August 13, 2017


What a great morning it was at Hythe Marina Village after a very wet week! David Butcher, Patricia Osborne, Harry Yearsley, Helen Bartlett and Di Alexander were all raring to go at 10.15. The village, the sailing craft  and Southampton Water were so beautiful that it was a job to choose a subject. Sketchbooks were filled with an anchor, boats and the picturesque houses.  
Pat was rather unlucky, she began to draw a boat only to have it driven away before she had finished! A couple of people saw Jean Kirby who stayed only for a short time. Helen’s mother, who came with Helen, even joined in by drawing several yachts.
Sketching is growing in popularity and you may well come across other sketching groups when you are out and about. To name a few:  the Hampshire Sketch Meetup Group
Our Adventurous Artists Sketching Group is very much on trend! Once you have taken the plunge and ventured out with your sketchbook you will find that there is absolutely no need to produce a recognisable drawing or have your work photographed. You just relax, meet friends and enjoy the moment.  
Report by Di Alexander

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