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Sunday, May 27, 2018



Sue has been painting for 20 years. She gives demonstrations and workshops details of which can be obtained on her website

 For this demonstration painting she is using YUPO paper which can be obtained on-line and is also sold by the SAA. It is a synthetic paper similar to photographic printing paper. The watercolour paint lies on the surface and is easily wiped off with a sponge or tissue. This can be done even when the paint is dry. The paper is very strong and doesn't need stretching - just attach to a board by the corners with tape.

Always paint with the board horizontal. Water sprayed on produces a good effect and texture can be produced using table or sea salt or gesso. Washes have to be "scrubbed  on" to cover finger marks which are quickly picked up by the paper. They can also be removed by cleaning with an alcohol based cleaner. We were very impressed when Sue showed us that removing blue paint with a cotton bud through a gauze or circular stencil produced sparkle on the sea or a sun or moon very easily.

For this demonstration Sue used Windsor and Newton paints in Windsor Violet and Quinacridone Gold. Her brushes are a 3/4 inch flat and a rigger. She also finds useful a palette knife, toothbrush, ruler and comb.

The painting was started with an application of the Violet and Gold in appropriate areas using the 3/4 inch flat and then dabbing off excess with a tissue. The rigger was used with a circular movement to paint in the bracts and the stems. Sprayed on water and tilting the board, speckling with a toothbrush and sprinkling with table salt gave a very lose effect to the finished painting.

 After the tea-break Sue demonstrated a painting of the gorge at Lynton, Devon. For this she used Indigo and Quinacridone Gold.

 The gold was used with the flat brush to produce the canopy over the gorge and the indigo added to get the dark green base area. The rigger was used to get finer foliage.  After spraying and tipping and removing paint with a sponge or cotton bud to get white areas and highlights Sue produced a beautiful painting.

Sue had given us an excellent evening and certainly impressed us with the Yupo paper.

Sue at work
Lynton Gorge

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