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Saturday, September 1, 2018


We all enjoyed an evening where three members set the style and everyone else tried out their techniques as near as possible. All the painting was done without brushes.  
Starting us off was Muriel who was working on a beautiful sunset picture in pastels.                    She used blenders to get the pastel embedded into the paper and then did more graphic work to add detail.

Gail demonstrated her pouring and tilting method. Using Atellier Interactive acrylic paints mixed with a pouring medium in a small dish, she poured the colours onto  the canvas and tilted it in different directions to get wave effects etc. This was very useful for backgrounds in particular and for getting an abstract feel to the painting.

Peter (following his success in winning the "Best in Exhibition" award) showed us how to use foam "paddles" to paint another sunset. This was a very good method for covering the canvas quickly and by the end of the evening he had painted a beautiful picture.

While our three demonstrators were working in the centre the rest of us were ranged in a big circle around them. Di gave us an assortment of paints, pastels, knives and paddles and we each tried them out on our favourite subjects. Brushes were not allowed.

We all agreed that the evening had revealed to us that there were plenty of ways other than by using brushes to apply paint to canvas or paper. This could prove very useful if we wanted to add different textures etc to our work or just to "do something different"



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