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Thursday, January 24, 2019



Fifteen members took part in the "Genius " evening. Each of us took a painter or painting which had affected us and our work in some way and then copied a painting by the artist. Some decided to base their own picture on the style of the artist. We then spoke about the  painting and what we learnt about it, the artist and from our experience painting it.
  Colin Osbourne was voted the best Genius by all the other members. He did a painting of HMS Warrior and the Spinnaker Tower with a Turner sunset taken from "The Fighting Temeraire".

Overall the exercise was excellent in teaching us techniques and how the older painters used colour, lighting and tonal contrast as well as wide variety of brush strokes in their work.   We were all presented with a "Genius" Certificates - courtesy of Di to whom we are very much indebted for organising the competition and very successful evening.  Thank you, Di!   


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