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Friday, May 24, 2019


Betty Rackham’s reputation as a great teacher resulted in twenty members taking part in the May Saturday Workshop.  Betty’s excellent  introduction informed us that the Art Nouveau movement was inspired from Celtic art:  carvings and illuminated manuscripts and Japanese woodcuts. The early stages began in 1848 with the work of the English Pre-Raphaelite artists. Art nouveau not only influenced the arts and crafts but also fashion, architecture , advertising and  publishing. Art Nouveau reached its height at the 1900 Paris Exhibition.
Betty illustrated common motifs such as: the ‘whiplash line”, flowing hair, elongated figures, stylised drawing, stained-glass black lines, borders, Arthurian subjects, flowers and nature.
Everyone interpreted Art Nouveau in their own way and achieved a gloriously diverse range of artwork  by the end.  Thank you Betty for all the preparation and care that you put into the day. We enjoyed it so much. Thanks too to Claire Palmer for organising it.

Some pictures follow:-

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