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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Party

Thanks to everyone who brought food and raffle prizes, thanks to Pat Scammell for the bumper raffle and most of all thanks to Helen Davies who provided an Art Quiz for the second year running, which was the main event of the evening. Superb questions Helen!

We saw Totton Art Society's spot on the BBC Children in Need local news. Bunny Austin made a very welcome appearance with Mary after a long absence and many Christmas greetings were exchanged. Thanks to all the members who made it such a good evening. Best wishes to everyone for 2010!

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Artscape Totton 2009
Helen Davies and I sold 9 Totton paintings on Saturday at £7.50 each making a total of £67.50. People also donated £35.74 via the Children in Need bucket. Together with £74.00 entry fees and no expenses needing to be paid, the Children in Need final total was £240.24.

We held the Children in Need appeal open for TAS members to have the opportunity to buy the remaining paintings at the demonstration meeting on 25th November. Muriel Hiscott also received her prize of 4 porcelain mugs featuring her winning painting that evening.

The Saturday event was filmed by Mr P. Dougherty regional producer for Children in Need, hindered and abetted by his two small sons!
There was a Children in Need report on the South Today programme (BBC1 6-30 – 7-00 pm) on Wednesday 18th November when four views were shown: Nursling Mill by Patricia Osborne, St Matthews Church by Muriel Hiscott, Salmon Leap Bridge by Anne Hamerton, Batts Corner by June Green and Goatee Beach by Ray Barnes.

Thanks to everyone who helped with Artscape, particularly Helen Davies who shared the load, made professional sashes and obtained the mounts free of charge from The Range, Mr David Cottar Manager of The Range and also Mary Austin who dealt with all the publicity and liaising with the BBC, websites and newspapers.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


St Matthew's Church Netley Marsh

painted by

Muriel Hiscott

TAS Guest Demonstrator Sue Obagu selected Muriel's painting of St Matthew's Church from 29 entries in the Artscape competition. Muriel receives her prize of 4 porcelain mugs decorated with her winning picture on Wednesday 25th November at Totton Art Society's meeting.

All artscape paintings were offered for sale in aid of Children in Need.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


We have over 25 small views entered for our ARTSCAPE 2009 Charity Competition and Sale!

Visit our TAS ARTSCAPE 2009 Charity Sale
Saturday 14th November

and buy a small painting of a local scene at a bargain price.. ... many full-size framed works of art on special offer.

There will be a varied selection of paintings of churches, pubs, schools, mills, and landscapes in Totton, Eling, Testwood, Calmore, Redbridge and Netley Marsh on display. They are sure to sell fast - so be there early!
The Sale at the Three Score Club begins at 10.00 a.m and ends at 4p.m.

THE RANGE Store Southampton has kindly supplied the mounts and bags.

The Range is recognised for its unique variety, and for offering affordable quality in its range of products. The Range concept is to offer 'mid-price' home, leisure and garden products, drawing together everything that could be needed for the stylish home at affordable prices.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Brian Harrild demonstrated painting a seascape using acrylics wet-into wet at the September meeting.
The technique is similar to watercolour but faster!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Lioning Around by Paula Humphrey
Robin watercolour by Harry Yearsley

Another successful summer exhibition ended on 5th September 2009. There was a fantastic range of subjects and 46 works of art were sold. Harry Yearsley won the TAS Best Painting award.
Totton artists Paula Humphrey and Glennis Courtney both exhibited at the prestigious Marwell International Wildlife Art Society this year. Totton artist Roy Fisher also exhibited at the Best of Hampshire Artists.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

May Russ Culver

Russ Culver paints animal portraits professionally. In May he painted this dog on Canson paper using charcoal, soft pastels and pastel pencils.

April David White Workshop

David White had exhibited his artwork at Crufts this year and was subsequently had a full order book of commissions. His Acrylics Workshop was a very special event, not only because he is in demand, but because he gave a superb course for beginner and experienced artist alike. To name just a few activities: we tested our colours for transparency, mixed colours, applied transparent glazes, painted a monochrome portrait and planned a portrait in more detail. It was a superb day and it started me painting in acrylics, enjoying the versatility of the medium.

April Stephen Foster

Stephen Foster has his own individual watercolour technique. At the April demonstration he painted on Arches 114lb Not paper which was wet on both sides and floating on a film of water.
He usually prefers to avoid too much detail in order to produce an atmospheric landscape and particularly admires Turner.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Joe with his river scene
Photo: TAS Editor

June, Mary and Pat with Joe
Photo: TAS Editor

Joe Francis Dowden works with his board horizontal, which posed problems for Harry Yearsley our camera operator, but it enables him to use bold splattering techniques to create texture. He used an Arches 140lb Not support and a strong Cadmium Lemon to create the background glow. His palette is fairly dry so that his washes contain a lot of pigment. He uses the highest quality Neutral Tint in the darkest parts of his paintings in order to create the maximum tonal contrast with the lighter areas - giving the effect of strong lighting.