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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Jake Winkle is able to paint fast. He demonstrated to Totton Art Society members in January. He aims to apply the paint once and add no more layers - with only minimal blending of damp colours next to each other. Jake limits his colours but uses up to ten different tones. Tone is also used to create a sense of perspective. The strong colours and clean shapes make his paintings design masterpieces.

Firstly Jake painted horses and jockeys using darks first and then adding lighter colours. This is not the traditional watercolour method.

Secondly he painted people. He uses shape to create a sense of movement. This painting shows that legs do not have to be the same length!

Members also enjoyed Jake's stunning array of cards.

Jake has a DVD to come in Summer 2011 and a book being published in 2012. He also has a website:


Ruth Edwards won the 2010 Christmas Card Competition with her classic snow scene.
The other entries were all in different styles.