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Monday, June 3, 2013


The Totton Art Society 'In-house' workshop on 1st June was all about experimenting. It was very successful, producing some good work at the end of the day. 

Our experts were:
Glennis Courtney demonstrating using Interactive acrylics to create a seascape,  
Mary Maskell using acrylics to create a coastal scene. 
Ruth Edwards using watercolours to create a forest scene.  
Claire Palmer using pastels to create a full-length portrait.

 Lesley Grosse and Kay Cavalier are seen here with their fabulous acrylic paintings .

Henry Needham created his own seascape.

Audrey Sharrar's delicate watercolour forest scene was painted under the guidance of the President of Totton Art Society Ruth Edwards.

David Butcher's forest in watercolour had quite a different atmosphere.

Glennis Courtney's demonstration painting was a seascape in the Roy Lang style, but with interactive acrylics.

Mary Andrews used dramatic lighting in her sunset scene.

Rosemary Cunliffe's enjoyed trying pastels with Claire Palmer.

Shirley Lester painted this accomplished, well-balanced coastal scene.

Muriel Hiscott did something completely different with this exotic forest scene.

Everyone who attended found the day found it to be relaxing and fun experience.