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Thursday, November 24, 2022



Sharon showed how Inktense pigments are water-soluble - activated by water - but are not removable once dry. They are more saturated than watercolour and do not fade.

She painted an eye on smooth Derwent Painting Pad paper using Inktense pencils and parts of a cotton T-shirt using Inktense blocks. Most of the colour on fabric will remain after washing.

Inktense materials are sold in various sizes. There are two sets of paint pans 

Sharon has even painted canvas shoes

Well-known for her fantasy art, it was fascinating to have a peep at Sharon's sketchbook doodles


Here are just a few of Sharon's cards

She also had some of her favourite art supplies, card and DVDs for sale too.

During the interval, many were keen to try the Inktense mediums for themselves.

It was a hugely enjoyable evening. 

Find out more on Sharon's website.  
There are blogs - including the Travelling Brush Dippers - and also details of her Open Studio weekend 26th - 27th November and painting holiday in Peterborough in March 2023. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2022


 Helen, Betty, Tony, Di and Nick were November's Ingenious Artists. 

Nick was working in his studio.


He firstly showed us the 3M Command Large picture mounting strips that are claimed to hold 7 kg. He uses them to hang some paintings on his studio walls. They can be pulled off again, taking only the paint layer.

Nick's work in progress was half a dozen acrylic paintings, at various stages of completion. He applies paint generously in sections. Then he moves on to the next picture while the first one dries. Backgrounds are painted first, some areas might  include Pebeo metallic paints. This one is still in progress.

Here is a Biblical Sky.

Here Nick has painted the trees and is using a cutout to position to try various positions for the rally car.


This Mustang car painting is work in progress.

Here is his Psycedelic Hatchett Pond.

This is a Canadian Headland.

The theme of the month was Pattern. Betty had drawn a patterned drinking glass in graphite.

She had also painted humming birds with a flower using watercolours. Tony had taken a video of a hummingbird hawk moth feeding nectar from a flower.

Di had finished her glass tumbler bases using Neocolor Crayons.

She had also painted Choosing a Man - depicting a girl searching a dating site online. Sections of the screen formed a faint pattern on her face.

Discussions included: the cost of selling paintings in galleries, Nick selling his own paintings and jewellery at Winchester Sunday markets with his peddler's cart...

... and Nick's home gallery in his garden cabin.

The theme for December's meeting is MUSIC. 

Thursday, November 10, 2022


Autumn leaves proved inspirational in November.

The sun gave Ali & Di some brilliant shots in the New Forest Wildlife Park. Here are a few:

Chatting in the New Forest Wildlife Park cafe afterwards ,,,. an Adventurous Artists tradition.

A great finish to our sketching afternoon.

Tuesday, November 8, 2022



Our November Art Extra afternoon was a bright spot on a wet and windy day. 

Artwork ranged from delicate flowers to bold, colourful paintings.  See Claire's photos of them on our public Facebook page:

Thursday, October 27, 2022


 Stephen's painting philosophy is to "take a simple idea and simplify it". His compositions were quickly laid out with a few soft charcoal marks. He said that it's "not about the subject matter, it's how you attack the canvas".

Stephen painted two pictures of sunlight on water for us on primed 3mm MDF board. The first one was in acrylics using a No.6 knife from Hobbycraft (see photo). He used liquid Schmincke Akademie Akryl paints.

He works very quickly and loosely, laying down a colour and then working other colours into it. This results in subtle colours and many shades of grey with very little definition. He urged us to apply the paint with spontaneous gestures and then leave it alone. 

Stephen's second painting was in oils. He likes to cover the support with a layer of linseed oil and apply the paint without any solvent. He said that sunlight on water is a popular subject and that he is more likely to sell a painting if it was painted quickly! Painting should not be hard work.

Our thanks to Stephen for an inspiring evening. See his website for more information:

Tuesday, October 25, 2022


 Anne Hamerton gave eleven members a wonderful day in October when she demonstrated how to paint with knives using oils. 

She made it easy to follow every stage of the process. 

Anne's palette

The techniques were the ones that New Forest artist Monica Coleman used to use. Members were able to manipulate the paint so that the results were exceptionally beautiful. 

When using knives, artists have to use different techniques so it was a challenge.Some members used their own reference but most followed Anne's.  Everyone learnt a lot!

Many thanks to Anne for all the preparation and work that went into the day. We look forward to the next one!