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Thursday, May 26, 2022


Heather painted two acrylic scenes at our May meeting. We learnt so much from her running commentary as she painted. Heather blocks in colour before adding detail and modelling with more colour.  She used the textured side of watercolour paper, a hog brush for washes and small synthetic brushes for detail. Her newest painting implement is a silicon Catalyst Mini Blade made by Princeton. It is springier than a metal knife. See it at the bottom right-hand corner of this photo. 

The four stay-wet palettes contained her pre-mixed colours. Vallejo is one of her favourite brands. Heather's colours make you think of a warm sunny day by the sea. She used turquoise and cerulean in water, lavender in wet sand, shadows and distant cliffs.  Sand in yellow ochre and cadmium yellow provides colour contrast.

Her second painting was a rocky beach, sea and distant cliffs. The silicon blade was useful for rock shapes and for the sails of distant yachts. Heather teaches art via courses, demonstrations, workshops and individual sessions. She also runs weekly classes at Everton and Lymington. 

Thursday, May 12, 2022



The geese were grazing in the rain near the clubhouse at Broadlands Lakes in May. Roy, Pam R., Betty Tony. Helen and Di settled in the Clubhouse/Bar. 

Some of us took photos and sketched from photos on our phones. Roy brought his latest illustrated book to show us. It is also available to view on his publisher's website:

It was a welcome chance to chat in different surroundings and enjoy sketching while relaxing.

Only a few sketches are shown.



A stunning display of paintings at our Saturday 7th May exhibition and sale. It was held in the Hunter Hall at Calmore Community Centre for the first time. 

We were very happy to be showing our work again after such a long break. Our members' artwork covers a wide variety of styles. 

The committee members mounting the exhibition put in a such lot of hard work to make it happen.

There were cards created by members...

... and a Have A Go table enabling visitors to create their own work of art.

The society holds evening meetings, often with demonstrations in Totton, monthly painting afternoons at Calmore and outdoor sketching trips. Occasional one day workshops at Calmore raise everyone's game. Membership is still only £25 in 2022 (Jan-Dec). More information available online at