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Friday, September 30, 2022



Teresa Rogers is an artist inspired by nature and with a wonderful enthusiasm for pattern and design. She loves to experiment with many different methods and in September she showed us some of the techniques that she uses with watercolour paint, watercolour inks, acrylic inks and acrylic paint. She worked on Bockingford paper showing a design of bracken and tree-trunk outlines in pencil. 

Teresa finds Daniel Smith sample dot cards useful for testing colours. Dabbing water on a dot releases a small amount of watercolour paint. [The SAA sells the complete collection for £9.60.]  She also uses  a spray gun or spray bottle, refillable pens and brush pens to apply inks and diluted paint to various supports and even fabric.

Mark-making lays down the background for many of her paintings. She blew puddles of ink in one direction so that it looked like natural shapes. She applied small random shapes using various plastic stencils - some homemade - with pens. Another grid stencil was used with a watercolour spray.  Each layer was dried before the next. Beautiful veils of watercolour sprayed on sections of the picture completed the soft, delicate background. Spraying with hairspray (as a fixative) preserved the the background payer. Only parts of the background would be visible in the final painting. Here is one of Teresa's finished paintings constructed in layers from her website:

Teresa applied bracken shapes using sword brushes and Golden Open acrylic paint, which stays wet longer than usual. Her acrylic shapes had the background showing through in a subtle way. 

Some acrylic pen outlines and some negative shapes strengthened the tree motifs before the end of the session. Teresa would finish the painting at home.

Sunday, September 25, 2022


 Helen Bartlett organised our September sketching afternoon at Eyeworth Pond on a beautiful afternoon.

Photo: Harry Yearsley

We met at Eyeworth Pond, Fritham in the New Forest and were delighted with wonderful view beyond the water lillies to the trees touched with a hint of autumn colour.

The clouds cleared and we were bathed in sunlight, then the clouds converged distilling the light.

We found the rapidly changing light made it difficult to keep the colours fresh as we battled to replicate the view we were seeing.

At the end of our sketching we retreated to The Royal Oak for refreshments and to share our work.

There were beautiful paintings created, well done everyone. - Helen

Friday, September 23, 2022


 Four of us met on 20th September for he first Ingenious Artists' Zoom meeting of the season. There was to general chat at the start. The theme was PATTERN. Sue could not join us, but she sent her artwork by email. It was a colourful collage with intricate patterns.

Tony's work featured boxtree moths. He has a longstanding interest in moths. His artwork used the outlines of leaves as an effective background to the 3 painted moths.

Betty had painted a striking street scene after a visit to Ludlow. Her main interest is botany and she had also created a patterned background for morning glory flowers by rubbing textured wallpaper with crayon. Her third painting was a study of harebells. She is drawing uncommon botanical species now growing in the New Forest.

Helen also featured patterns in nature in part of her artwork. She had sketched examples of patterns on reptiles, wasps and ladybirds conveyed a message. There was also the pattern of tree branches and leaf whorls, Spirals are common in nature. She also included a segment of a Klimt painting with spirals.

Di's artwork - a landscape in acrylics of a couple walking by the River Itchen - featured subtle patterns: ripples in the water, leaves and plant shapes. The man's checked shirt and woman's patterned tunic were at the focal point. She also showed a painting of a pet rabbit which did not use pattern.
The optional theme for the next meeting is FUR.

Friday, September 16, 2022


Alan Langford's workshop on painting horses in watercolour was very popular with TAS members. Alan has an encouraging easy-going style and everyone was up for the challenge. There is a fantastic atmosphere at our day workshops.

The next members' workshop in Calmore Community Centre. will be Anne Hamerton's painting oils with a knife on 22nd October. Claire Palmer is in charge of bookings.

Monday, September 5, 2022



Our trip to Kurt Jackson's BIODIVERSITY exhibition at Southampton City Art Gallery took place on Saturday 3rd September and was a hit with our members.

The artist is passionate about environmental issues and the paintings included Kurt's notes about the wildlife in each location. Many of the watery environments showed long lists of species, but other places had many fewer inhabitants. Sometimes found objects were embedded in the paint.

We also saw the City of Culture Open Exhibition and we met in the Sea City cafe afterwards! Many thanks to Helen for organising the enjoyable outing. More info about Kurt here:

thanksthanks to Helen for organising the morning.