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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Report from the N.F. Wildlife Park


The  Adventurous Artists  had a fabulous bright and sunny morning at the New Forest Wildlife Park on Friday morning. It was cold - so Helen, Elaine, Ali and Di did only the quickest of sketches. (Helen persevered the longest.) However we had lots of photo opportunities because the mammals were active.  Some of the easiest close-up photos to take were of harvest mice and otters . A long lens would have been useful for the wild boar and wolves.
After hot drinks in the large café, the four once again braved the cold to see the keeper attempt to feed Munchkin the lynx.  However she must have killed and eaten a small animal because she merely sniffed at it. Jean and June prudently stayed in the large café to sketch in the warm. The gift shop had an excellent display of artwork by our talented August guest artist Joanna Rose Tidey. The December trip had been truly memorable.
Di Alexander