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Monday, May 30, 2011

Autumn and Winter are George's Favourite Seasons

George Gascoigne enjoys Autumn and Winter landscapes and in May he showed members how to make a ploughed field and a clump of trees into a work of art. George used Atelier Interctive Acrylic paints which enabled him to blend for longer than traditional acrylics.

His sky was washed on as if using watercolour but then, unlike watercolour, white paint was used for the lighter areas. The clouds nearest the horizon had some yellow ochre in them. A distant cliff used dark blue and distant trees were created with purple and burnt sienna. Nearer tree banches used burnt umber. George also uses burnt umber and colbalt blue to create grey. Some greens were mixed using purple and yellow.

Foreground interest was created from dark furrows filled with water reflecting the blue winter sky. George also added a distant flock of birds: very light grey against the medium-toned trees, and dark grey against the white clouds. He finished by scratching out (scraffito) lighter grasses in the foreground, followed by a light wash of burnt sienna.

George loves experimenting and recommends that we set ourselves a time limit when painting, in order to achieve a looser style.

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