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Sunday, September 11, 2011


The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust held Activities Days at various locations on 4th September to celebrate their 50th Anniversary. Totton Art Society took up the challenge to organise an activity in a marquee. Ruth Edwards prepared landscape paintng worksheets and Claire Palmer created simple templates. The Trust provided furniture, paints, water containers and brushes.
Mary Maskell, Anne Hamerton and Claire Palmer set up the stall with some of their paintings, and sign-board and stayed all day, with additional assistance from Pat Scammell and Di Alexander.

The enthusiasm of the children was heart-warming.
Many children were happy to paint with templates, watched by their parents*.
However most wanted to paint their own picture and were extremely creative.

Many thanks to Claire, Anne and Mary for devoting the day after the end of the Summer Exhibition to Totton Art Society. Your dedication is amazing! 
*Parents were asked and gave permission for photographs of the children to be used online.

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