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Friday, December 14, 2012


Helen Davies kicked off the evening with 'blind drawing'. One person at each table wore a mask while the others gave them instructions as they attempted  to draw a Christmas picture.

Here Pam advises Glennis
Jim is helped by Roy to the amusement of Mary and Ruth
John is helped from both sides!
Pat Osborne takes charge on this table
Pat Scammell makes sure that the draw operated perfectly
 The next activity was a 'speed dating' session - to give members with paintings a chance to write an appreciative comment about the paintings of the other members on their table.
The final part of the evening gave everyone the chance to see Helen hold up each painting and to hear the artist read a comment from the list of comments about their artwork. The list became a 'Certificate of Appreciation' which each artist kept. 
 Party organisers Helen and Di were delighted to receive bunches of roses for their efforts. Many thanks to Anne, Claire and the other members who contributed to the successful evening.

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