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Friday, August 30, 2013


John is a successful landscape painter and member of Totton Art Society. His August demonstration showed the later stages of painting a watercolour scene.

He included some useful painting tips: 
  • create foliage by applying a sponge with only a 'kiss and a whisper' i.e. hardly touching the paper
  • create sunlit foliage by applying white gouache+a touch of lemon yellow with a sponge
  • create a field of poppies  or roses around a door by applying white gouache with a sponge, then ading daps of red on top
  • use a closer-textured sponge for distant foliage
and framing tips :
  • use photographic corners to hold the painting against the mount
  • twist the cord to make it taut 

Photos: Di Alexander

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