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Saturday, December 14, 2013


The Murder Mystery Christmas Party began with 'Chairman' Tony Rackham welcoming members to the party. After the 'Guest Speaker' had presented a prize, 'Doris' Karen Lewis discovered the victim in the kitchen and gave a great performance when she emerged.
'Police Officer' Peter Griffiths asked everyone to remain seated and took charge of the 'murder scene' in the kitchen.

TTV Presenters Helen Davies and Di Alexander then entered the action and asked the characters to introduce themselves one-by-one. They did this by reading from their script.

The readings evoked much laughter particularly when Gary Lewis spoke as a female character. Jean Kirby is shown in the photograph reading her script as 'Ian Cooper'. There was a welcome break for refreshments organised by Anne Hamerton and other members of the committee. Pat Scammell operated the superb raffle.

Labelled clues were placed on a table and members equipped themselves with a chart .During the second half of the evening various characters gave their evidence. Everyone had to listen and use their charts to match the suspects with the clues.
 There was a vote for the most likely suspect and the identity of the would-be murderer was announced. It was Ian Cooper. Di then explained the murder plot. Fortunately the victim was apparently not dead, but recovering in hospital!


The party had been most unusual and Di and Helen were presented with flowers by Anne at the end of the evening.

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