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Friday, September 26, 2014

Joan Scott's demonstration of a coastal landscape was unusual and inspiring.
Her base was mount card on which she had glued a newspaper cut-out of two headlands. She then added another strip of paper as a base for a distant coastline and corrugated cardboard jetties. Then using thin card of various colours Joan glued houses (smaller in the distance) onto the headland and the rear of three boats with their cabins onto the foreground sea.
The sea was painted next in watercolour using darker tones to show reflections from the jetty and boats. The next stages made use of other media such as Indian ink, acrylic ink, oil pastels and white gouache to add details in houses and boats, ripples on the water and colour in the hills and jetties.
The final picture amazed us all and left us determined to "have a go" with any odd bits of card, paper etc. that we can find. We are all indebted to Joan for showing us what can be done using such very mixed media.

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