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Saturday, November 29, 2014


Wendy started with a short talk on materials used in acrylic painting. For the evening's painting she was using a canvas but watercolour or acrylic paper, canvas board, mount board and M.D.F. can all be used successfully.  The basic brushes are flats and riggers - she was using a brush of her own design similar to a swordtail. Starter packs of paints are good value for money and she always uses a stay-wet palette.  She recommended using texture pastes such as sand or glass beads to introduce some variety into the painting but "be careful not to over-do it!"  They are put under the paint.

The painting had been roughly drawn onto the canvas and highlights  been put in using masking fluid and a ruling pen. Wendy started painting by laying in washes for the background varying the tone and using a mix of blue and burnt sienna with a touch of green. Foreground shadows and windows were painted next using a dark tone of the same mix.

Then, using thicker paint, a green canopy and flowers on a balcony were placed in the picture followed by umbrellas, table and chair legs, shutters etc and finally people. A wash of yellow ochre was put on the foreground

The masking fluid was removed and then the highlight areas toned down slightly with a wash. Finishing touches were then worked by increasing the contrast between shadow and sunny places and adding detail eg. to balconies, shutters and foreground areas.

Although Wendy was painting on a white canvas she often uses yellow ochre for sunny pictures or red under green for foliage etc. Finally she showed us her sketchbook and photographs of reference material that is used in paintings or as teaching aids for her workshops.

This was a truly inspirational evening. Wendy had not only produced a beautiful painting but had taught us many things. Everyone went away feeling enthused and keen to try out acrylics for themselves. 


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