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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Saturday Workshops on Portraiture and Landscape painting in Acrylics

The two workshops held on Saturday 5th February were a great success. Di and Mary are excellent teachers and the results showed in the high standard of the paintings produced by the end of the day. The workshops were very well attended and seem a good replacement for the work evenings both as a social event and a learning experience. Our thanks are due to Di and Mary who obviously put much effort into preparation for the day (and to Claire who made the tea!) If any members feel they could run a workshop on their favoured medium or subject please contact Di - we cannot rely on the same people all the time! The next workshop will be held on Saturday 25th April.

Below are few pictures from the day:-

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HantsArtist said...

Claire did more than make the tea - she advised Di in the running of the day; assisted Mary with the landscape workshop and helped to set up and clear away the room. Thanks so much for your help Claire- Di