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Friday, November 24, 2023



Gail introduced members to collage showing examples of her own work.

Collage allows the artist to introduce more texture into a painting as well as making it possible to include more patterns in small areas. In this way she effectively suggested feathers of an owl.

It is possible to assemble an element in a painting, such as a cat's eye, by tracing the shapes onto coloured paper, cutting them out and sticking them into place with adhesive. There are endless other things to add to a collage, from thin tissue paper to fabric and cord. Gail has used jewellery wire for cat's whiskers.
Gail had generously brought a large number of materials and mediums. Tina and Fiona had also brought beautiful handmade papers. 
Everyone rose to the challenge and the results were amazing!

Thanks to Gail's help and encouragement, some of us who were doing it for the first time, surprised ourselves!

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